This blog is basically a journey.  I’m a wife and mother who enjoys scrapbooking and paper crafts. My husband Kevin and I grew up, met, married, and had two children in Alaska.  God led us out of Alaska in 2000 to the Houston, Texas area.  We have two teenagers, Christopher who graduated high school in 2010 and Danielle who is not far behind him.

My relationship with Christ is the most important thing in my life.  God has brought about such change that it is difficult to keep quiet about it.  One of my favorite chapters of the Bible is Romans 6.  Though reading is not a passion for me, God has shown me that I’m able to enjoy it and that it is a worthwhile use of my time.

In my day job I’m an IT Associate for Clear Creek Community Church in League City, TX.  I don’t think most people would call me your typical IT person, since that is not what I set out in life to do.  God has taken a lot of years to show me that I need to just trust Him and that is evident in my current occupation.  My knowledge has grown, but most of the work is accomplished through volunteers.

Hopefully the things I’ve learned can encourage you!  Maybe we can learn from each other?